About us

Inked Energy Services is a mechanical construction contractor based in Grande Prairie. We are first-call service providers for multiple Oil and Gas customers in the Grande Prairie region, covering an area through Dawson Creek-Whitecourt-Peace River-Grande Cache. Our team is proud to be the preferred service provider for most of our customers

We currently have a steady base of over 70 employees with easy access to a further 150 employees available during peak seasons. One of our main specialties is facility construction. Inked Energy Services has completed hundred-meter lease crossings, small, lined injection pipelines, pipelines under 1km, riser additions, and camel back installations.

Throughout the past winter, we’ve worked diligently to complete pipeline cleanups left by other companies working in the area. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so we plan to continue conducting cleanups. We have the manpower to complete pipelines up to 10 km and under 10” without issues and are in the process of expanding our capabilities.

Strong Relationships

  • Due to our experience working with multiple contractors and suppliers in the Grande Prairie area, we have great leverage to help our customers get the best product in the best timeframe

Experienced Management Team

  • Over 50 years of experience in oil and gas construction with Kory and Richard
  • Experienced teams with great problem-solving skills allow the customer to engage with us at any stage of the operation. You get multiple options and ideas specific to your current situation.
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